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Meet Sam Houston

Sam Houston, a lifelong Texan, was born in the small West Texas town of Colorado City (about halfway between Midland and Abilene). Growing up, Sam worked in his family’s small hardware and auto parts store.  He spent countless hours assisting at the store in many ways, from cashiering and helping customers to assembling bicycles and sweeping the floor.  From this, Sam developed a strong work ethic, and learned of the challenges of running a successful small business, and its value to one’s community. Sam attended public school in Colorado City, and was a member of its football team, as well as the National Honor Society.  Sam’s early years were also influenced by his Grandfather, R.P. “Pete” Ainsworth, a rancher who once managed the Renderbrook Spade Ranch, and his Uncle, Fred McClellan, a cotton farmer.

Fostered by his grandfather’s respect for the law, and by his own admiration for the few lawyers in Colorado City, Sam decided at an early age to be a lawyer.  After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, Sam earned his Juris Doctorate from Baylor Law School.  He then began his legal career at Andrews & Kurth, a well-respected law firm in Houston, Texas.

Sam has spent the past 26 years practicing law in Texas.  Through his skilled representation, Sam has successfully helped Texas citizens, doctors and businesses protect and prosecute their personal and professional legal interests.  Today, Sam works as a named Partner at Shepherd, Scott, Clawater & Houston, L.L.P., a successful Houston law firm that includes many of the lawyers with whom Sam has continuously worked since the start of his legal career at Andrews and Kurth nearly three decades ago.

Why Sam Is Running

As a practicing Texas attorney with 26 years of experience, Sam Houston would enter the Attorney General’s office with almost twice the actual experience practicing law than did Greg Abbott, the current Attorney General.  He also brings a lifetime of business knowledge spanning from acting as a partner in his own successful law firm back to his early years participating in his family’s small business.

More significantly, Sam will shift the focus of the Attorney General’s office back to the Law and representation of all Texans, instead of continuing the current use of the Office as a political enforcement tool of a partisan agenda, whose primary tactic is to file lawsuits against and act in constant opposition to the Federal Government.  While the specific interests of Texas and the Federal Government will not always align, Texas deserves an Attorney General that will work in partnership whenever possible, and reserve disagreement or litigation to only those issues where Federal proposals or policy conflicts with Texas’ Constitution, laws, or the best interests of its citizens.

Under its current leadership, the Attorney General’s Office has neglected to serve the people of Texas in a fair and balanced manner, and has wasted Texans’ time and money on partisan issues instead of focusing on the real and substantial areas that need improvement in Texas, such as Education, Business, Water Rights, Poverty and the highest Uninsured Rate in the United States.  Under Mr. Abbott’s leadership, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has served special interests for far too long, and any of the current Republican candidates running would work to maintain the obstructionist bias that has become status quo under Mr. Abbott.

Texas deserves an Attorney General that will work to strengthen the basic functions of the office – representing and defending the great State of Texas. Sam Houston will bring a fair and balanced approach to the important work of this Office.  He will bring his 26 years of experience of working with his legal contemporaries and partners, as well as his 26 years of working across the table with his legal adversaries to reach a resolution that works best for his client (which would be the citizens of Texas in this situation).  As in his private practice, he knows this will sometimes involve cooperation, but will at times necessitate litigation, but he will exercise this option only where necessary.  Sam will zealously defend our State Constitution, represent the State in litigation, aggressively pursue child support payments for its youngest and most vulnerable citizens, and faithfully fulfill all of the varied duties of the most powerful legal position in Texas.